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Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) are one of the most powerful inventions in the history of communications. Never before has an ordinary individual, had the opportunity to create their own community in which access control who enters and, in turn, where he goes.

On the other hand, thanks to social networks, today we can be close to celebrities and interact directly with them. This is another of the great benefits and wonders of social networking. Anyone famous (and less) can have a legion of followers to applaud and celebrate all achievements. In the case of real-celebrity-fans looking for something in return. It may be information, affection, awards, among other things. People know that being a fan has a price and a profit.

If something is checked every day more strongly is that the reputation in social networks has a dark side. The creation of a strong base of followers can bring commercial returns when making promotion, but those people who promise eternal love, it can also become a nightmare when celebrities are so human and vulnerable as anyone.

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